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We limit our practice to the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations to eliminate the interference between the brain and the approximately 70 Trillion tissue cells so that the body can function optimally. You see, we do not treat pain nor do we diagnose disease here, we detect & correct SUBLUXATIONS to keep you, your family and our community healthy.

We exist to help people like you and your family be the best you can be! 

You can rest assured that if you're accepted as a member in our office, you will NOT be settling for temporary relief as our doctor is known for his Specificity, Customized Care, and Long-Term Results!


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Cavanal Chiropractic Care is for those looking to improve their overall health and wellness. Dr. Ragan will explain in detail the why, how and what of subluxation focused care. You’ll want to Schedule Your Free Consultation to see if you're the right fit for our office and if our office is the right fit for you!

Cavanal Chiropractic Care is for you if:​

  • You are sick and tired of having to rely on medications.

  • You value your quality of life and your relationships.

  • Your desire is to fix your problem, not simply get temporary relief.

Cavanal Chiropractic Care is NOT for you if:

  • You are in search of a quick fix that does not get to the root cause of the problem.

  • You are okay with masking the pain of symptoms with medications.

  • You are looking for an injection or surgery to magically “fix” your problem.

Your Guide to Health.

We understand what it’s like to know what you need to do but to struggle with evaluating the options, picking the right one for you, and finding someone you can trust.

It can be overwhelming, which is why after 30+ years of treating 1,000’s of patients successfully, we work with our patients to design specific corrective approaches for your lifestyle and ailments to get you the results you want. 

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Here’s How We Do It:

Building Your Health Program

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Individual Care
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Together, we design an approach for your lifestyle to get you back in the game!
You begin your pain-free journey and empowered life!



Dr. Ragan, D.C. attended Parker College of Chiropractic in Irving, Texas earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989. Since that time, he maintained a successful human practice. He has maintained his yearly postgraduate studies necessary to maintain his licensure in both Texas and Oklahoma.


Dr. Ragan attended the Animal Chiropractic program at Parker University and successfully completed the 220 hour course of study in 2011. That same year sat for and passed the extensive exam by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association for Certification in Animal Chiropractic. He is certified by both the AVCA and Oklahoma Board of Chiropractic in Animal Chiropractic.



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